I highly recommend Denise's books and ebooks if you want to learn about how to get started running dogs.

 - Lisa Duff, Capa Whippets, August 10, 2011



 - Teri Timm-Miller, February 26, 2011


Sighthounds Afield is absolutely awesome!

 - Michael O'Neill, July 10, 2011


Greyhounds and Whippets and Deerhounds, Oh My! 

I was going to start by saying that Sighthounds Afield is the most un-put-down-able dog book I've ever read, but that wouldn't be 100% accurate; it's the most un-put-down-able book I've ever read, period.

I find myself returning again and again to its information-laden pages, each time finding some new bit of information that I honestly don't know how I lived without knowing before. With each page I fall more and more in love with these elegant hounds that have lived with us for millennia.

For anyone who has ever adopted a track dog, the comprehensive chapter on retired racing greyhounds should be required reading and is alone more than worth the purchase price.

In writing Sighthounds Afield, Ms. Como has created a masterpiece that will remain among the most read books on my shelf for as long as I continue to read. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews.  

 - Scott D. Miller "Sighthound Scott" (Cooks Falls, NY USA), March 10, 2010


Outstanding!!!! Should be Required Reading!

The best of the best! Funny, witty, and to the point, the writer gives endless great advice in a big thick book that is actually a pleasure to read! You will catch yourself shaking your head in agreement, or even laughing outloud. If you have ANY interest in doing fun events your sighthounds were bred for, this book should be required reading in my opinion. Outstanding!!!!

 - Jenna Feuerhake "Sighthound Fanatic" (FL, US) , February 10, 2010 


The Nitty-Gritty on Amateur Events for Your Sighthound

After making every conceivable mistake in our quest to find something fun to do with our retired racing greyhound, we found this book. What a great resource! The author walks you through all the steps to get started in amateur performance events. It's also been a wonderful reference work as we've continued to participate and learn. 

 - Lynn Osborn "Lynn in Indy" (Indianapolis, IN USA), April 17, 2008


I have been enchanted with sighthounds since I was a young girl. I'm still in awe at how they've survived since ancient times virtually the same. This book covers sighthound breeds commonly seen at AKC dog shows: Afghan Hound; Borzoi; Irish Wolfhound; Saluki; Scottish Deerhound; etc.... But there are also fascinating histories of breeds virtually unknown in the USA, or even outside of their homelands. There is also information given on a few breeds believed to be extinct. Photos are not provided for every breed due to the breed's obscurity. The photos & line drawings are all in black & white; some are quite old so the quality isn't the best. I must add that this book is the only one I know of to date that includes information on the Silken Windhound! If you are infatuated by sighthounds as I am, I definitely recommend this book to you! It's not for the casual dog person though.

 - Rebecca L King


And for those looking for a more practical guide to performance with sighthounds, you couldn't do better than to read Sighthounds Afield: The Complete Guide To Sighthound Breeds & Amateur Performance Events (With A Comprehensive Chapter On Adopted Ex-Racing Greyhounds) by Denise Como. The word 'comprehensive' in the title is an understatement. There is quite simply nothing about sighthounds that Como doesn't cover, from history to health issues, from familiar breeds to the rarest of the rare.

 - Christie Keith, Pet Hobbyist


If you want to do some reading about sighthounds I would get 'Sighthounds Afield' by Denise Como... The book came out in June. It covers all the sighthound breeds. It covers lure coursing, amateur racing and open field coursing. And a huge chapter on adopting Greys.... Hope you get the book because I know you will find it interesting and helpful...

 - Frank X. Morris, Petsforum


There is an excellent (one of those 'if you can't find it here, you can't find it' books) called Sighthounds Afield: With a Comprehensive Chapter on Ex-racing Greyhounds by Denise Como. It's a few hundred pages, but if you're a sighthound/performance events freak, you'll plow right through it.

 - Greenleaf Greyhound, Global Paw


Every effort is made to keep the dogs safe, but still things happen. Be sure you are as well-prepared as possible when you enter your dog. The book Sighthounds Afield, by Denise Como is an excellent resource guide to care, training, handling at events, and -- if you haven’t chosen a dog yet -- to the sighthound breeds.

 - Veterinary Partners / The Canine Behavior Series, by Kathy Diamond Davis, 2006


Truly comprehensive guide to sighthound specific amateur performance events and breeds. Covers diet, conditioning, training, equipment, safety. Thorough bibliography, contact information on all organizations (AKC, ASFA, NOTRA etc.), where to purchase collars and coursing gear, you name it! 

 - Arbeca Ibizan Hounds


Sighthounds Afield... [is] geared mainly toward lure coursing, but does have sections on LGRA and other coursing sports. There is a GREYT section in the beginning to explain conditioning, and how important off-lead exercise is...

 - Houndtalk Forum


I am enjoying your book so much, I love it. I'm still not done with it yet, because I keep going over things. I never even heard of some of these breeds. The whole book is incredibly interesting and very helpful...

 - Elizabeth Goddard


This is the definitive book on performance for your sighthound. It's a large volume, and is more likely going to be used as a reference than read cover to cover. But Denise Como has managed to keep the interest level up with great writing, material from true experts in various areas and many photos. She covers it all, from diet and training programs for your dogs, to detailed explanations of the various performance events that you and your dog might participate in.

The table of contents breaks this volume into seven books, which may help the reader digest the sections of interest. The books are:

  • The Basics - Diet, Conditioning, Training and Preparation
  • The Events
  • In The Field
  • Adopted Racing Greyhounds
  • The Hounds: Breeds and Commentaries
  • Veterinary Information
  • Your Complete Resource Guide

Personally I was stunned at the depth of information in this book. It's certainly in the category of if you could only have one book... in terms of its information on performance events. The history and racing characteristics of various breeds were particularly fun (with many black and white images of various rare breeds), and the 'In The Field' historical writings that Denise has put together are to be treasured. Greyhound rescuers will appreciate the guidance and special attention to bringing this breed into amateur racing events.

All in all, this book should be on every sighthound owner's bookshelf. You'll return to it over and over to read a section here and there, look up some tips, or look up a reference.

Note: This book is an update to Denise Como's earlier handbook So, You Want to Run your Sighthound.

 - Dave Mills, www. borzoi. org


The book arrived on Wednesday, and it is great! It's just what we were looking for when we first started trying to figure out lure coursing (we ended up doing it the hard way, by trial and error). We should be much better off with our foray into amateur racing, thanks to you!

 - Lynn Osborn & Bill Asher


I have finally finished your book and it is wonderful! I love the practical advice and especially your sense of humour. When is the next one coming... ?

 - Carole Bottari


Love the book. My favorite part is when you forgot your dogs.

 - chris and millie


Wow! This is great! Thank you very much!

 - Cheri


I just wanted to say thanks for the book. I read it back to front and I am constantly going back for info. Thanks.

 - Dustin Pollock and my boys

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